Small business financial management

As a business owner, you’ve probably heard the saying that, cash is king.” So, why not face the reality that financial transparency is crucial to the success of your company’s daily operations? With the unpredictability that comes from running a business, it is imperative that your account receivables and payables are visible and accessible. Lack of real-time cash visibility and forecasting restricts your ability to make informed and timely decisions. 

Expand Your Capabilities 

What resources have you been using to efficiently stay up to date with your cash flow and business operations? If you’re still working with Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, you are overdue for a reliable technology replacement that gives you the ability to manage your operations at the highest level of efficiency in real-time. You may think that Excel is working for you, but it lacks in areas that are essential for business growth. Each time you refer back to a spreadsheet, you are losing time in areas of productivity, including improving operations, increasing efficiencies and inventory turns, reducing manufacturing lead-time, and streamlining customer service. 

Areas Your Business Will Grow  

It is logical to consider the future of your business. As a prudent business owner, you care about establishing a work environment that is transparent to your employees regarding the current and future state of the company.  

What can the right system do for you?  

Rather than referring back to a spreadsheet when you are approached with a question, wouldn’t it be better to have an organized enterprise software program that can facilitate reports on everything from paychecks to inventory accounting? One customized system that keeps track of all records needed on a day-to-day basis.  This creates financial transparency for you the business owner through technology. Think about the security in knowing there is everyday accuracy in reporting and cash flow visibility with the click of a button. This is the ability to navigate to an answer in seconds without accessing a shared hard drive or finding an obscure folder in a file on your desktop. 

Highly-Efficient Traceability with Attivo-All-in-One 

Attivo All-in-One, powered by SAP Business One, helps dramatically transform the efficiency of your business operations with specific functionality for supply chain, sales management, accounting, quality assurance, customer service, and more. 

You can gain full exposure to real-time cash transactions and banking integration, along with a powerful forecasting tool that enables you to make informed decisions about cash management. Request a free demo and see how Attivo All-in-One will help make your company’s processes and management more efficient.