Exact Synergy – A World-Class CRM System Session 1: Introducing Synergy CRM

Enterprise resource planning system

Synergy CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is one of the best kept secrets among users of Macola, JobBOSS, MAX, Globe or just Exact Synergy itself. I’ve heard our own customers who already own Synergy say “We’re thinking about implementing SalesForce or Sugar CRM, can we integrate it to our Macola system?” Which makes me crazy, since Exact Software built such a GREAT product in Synergy, but completely forgot to market the thing. There are many great features in Synergy such as Workflow, Document Management, Project Management, HRM, etc., but the CRM system is as good or better than any on the market. And certainly a CRM system way more capable than most companies will ever use!

If you are currently using Macola 10, you already have everything you are going to see. Those users of older versions of Macola, or MAX or JobBOSS or Globe, and you also have Synergy, you also have all of this already. Synergy is also available without any of those ERP systems, and is very affordable to purchase either as a monthly subscription, or as a regular software purchase.

We’ve done a short series of videos (7 of them) on the major features of Synergy CRM so you can see for yourself. This first video is a little longer than the rest, but worth spending 15 minutes if you are considering deploying CRM for your company.

Watch the video below or click here, and then contact us with any questions.