Exact Macola Evolve 2016 Recap: The Breakout Sessions Part 2

Ecommerce management

The Exact Macola Evolve conference was a perfect place for Exact partners to announce new offering, software and improvements/upgrades to software. BirdDog, WiSys, IBS, LYNQ and Century Business Solutions all had big announcements during the show.


BirdDog eCommerce software had several announcements: one being the latest version of their eCommerce platform.

Their eCommerce platform is now ‘responsive’, meaning it can change according to what device you’re viewing the content: mobile, tablet, or browser. This is an important step for eCommerce, as mobile shopping continues to increase. BirdDog also announced that it integrates with the popular eBiz Connect’s credit card processing, by Century Business Solutions, which integrates directly into Exact Macola.

The biggest change for Exact customers is that it can now go directly through Exact to purchase the BirdDog solution.


WiSys was largest sponsor of this year’s Evolve, and for good reason. WiSys showed demos of its upgrades to their system, which is currently scheduled to roll-out this summer. There are many improvements, but two that stood out to us was the order entry and the work where you want options.

In the screen shot you’ll see Macola Order Entry change being used directly within Agility. No more Alt-Tabbing to another app, what a time saver!

Also, the change to a browser based deployment of their flagship Agility tools are really well designed with a familiar ‘ribbon’ at the top of the screen, similar to Microsoft products.

WiSys also extended their grids to the internet with Agility Web Explorer in a browser, allowing customers to work where they want with mobile, tablet, browser and scanner reactive. The new interface is much more flexible, and very fast.

Now you can decide what is the right device for the job. It’s all about keeping people informed in real time, up-to-date and productive.

Integrated Business Solutions (IBS)

Integrated Business Solutions has come up with a new integrated solution to automating your service department for Exact Macola and Synergy. Developed over a few years now, this application has it all, or at least most of it! This solutions provides service tickets, warranty tracking, recall management, and more.

IBS has some pretty talented developers on their staff, and they’ve built some pretty powerful applications here that are fully integrated with the Macola solution.


LYNQ also had some announcements on updating some existing products, as well as introducing a new one.

On the screen you’ll see some screenshots of LYNQ’s updated Visual Planner, which is now called Planning Manager. This planning software empowers manufacturers to quickly create, update and share flexible & reliable production plans.

While using this system you’ll get flexible and simple to use system that provides accurate customer promise dates, and the shortest delivery times. It even allows the addition of “what if” orders, so that customer service can more accurately quote promise dates for customers.

On this screen you’ll see some screenshots of LYNQ’s updated Labor Tracker, which is now called Workforce Manager.

  1. Integrated to the Macola system in real time, it allows for data collection, tracking and real-time analysis for improved shop-floor visibility, which will help you achieve an increase of productivity.
  2. Touch-Screen capable for the shop floor.
  3. Capture labor hours, materials issued, quantities reported, scrap and more.

Century Business Solutions: eBizConnect Credit Card Processing

Century Business Solution, the Macola integrated credit card processor, announced it’s eBiz Connect, with online cusomter portal, and integration with BirdDog ecommerce.

View your batch in real time, Unlimited batch history, 45+ different search criteria for past transactions, Easily issue credits and voids, E-mail receipt features, Customizable reporting tools as well as many pre-populated, easy reports, All-in-one reporting – separate transactions by user and method (eCommerce, mobile payments, etc.), PCI compliant, Desktop & Mobile Solutions.

Considering one of the software packages above to get the most out of your Exact Macola system?

We’ve worked with every Exact partner and understand the complexity of implementing these add-on software systems and can help you through the process with ease. Please contact us for a free review.