Exact Macola 10 Won Prestigious Frost & Sullivan Award for Food and Beverage Manufacturing

implementation of quality management system

Exact Macola 10 is exactly two years old, but well before that it was already being recognized as one of the leading ERP software platforms available to the mid-market. Frost & Sullivan, a leading business growth and consulting firm, awarded Macola 10 with their prestigious Product Leadership award for 2015. The award was specifically given for Macola 10’s expertise as a food and beverage manufacturing ERP software solution.

The Methodology behind the Food and Beverage Industry Award

Frost & Sullivan looked at several tier 2 ERP solutions designed specifically for mid-sized food and beverage industry manufacturers. They identified 10 core attributes that the various software products were judged on:

  • Match to Business Needs
  • Reliability and Quality
  • Product/Service Value
  • Positioning
  • Design
  • Financial Performance
  • Customer Acquisition
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Growth Potential
  • Human Capital

After all of the scores were tallied, Macola 10 stood out as the top option amongst its peers for the food and beverage industry. You can read the full report here.

Why Exact Macola Stood Out for the Food & Beverage Industry

While Exact Macola 10 received high marks in all categories, two specific features really seemed to stand out to Frost & Sullivan. The first was the amount of bang Macola 10 provided for the buck. Not only was Macola 10 priced very competitively in the market, but it included many modules right out of the box that are often charged as add-ons with other solutions. Macola 10 also comes with Synergy CRM and Exact Event Manager, which makes the software a completely integrate ERP and CRM package for one low price.

Once they got past Macola 10’s value, they also were quick to point out Macola 10’s innovative workspaces. As described by Frost & Sullivan “workspaces are the front-end of what users see on Exact Macola 10, a kind of interactive dashboard with the ability to not only drill down into numbers, but also take action.” The fact that Macola 10 is designed to be customizable based on role, providing one screen access to actionable data allows for levels of automation and efficiency not typically seen in ERP systems in the same price segment. You can watch the video below for an overview of Exact Macola 10’s workspaces.

Quality Management Software built-in for the Food and Beverage Industry

Quality Management Software is an important aspect for any Food and Beverage manufacturer, and The Attivo Group has developed the Macola 10 software to include Quality Management built right into the system. No third party software, no add-ons. We use our extensive experience in the Food and Beverage industry to replace all the spreadsheets and expensive third party software, and include all the features you would expect from a Quality Management Software:

  • Document Control
  • Product Specifications
  • Lab Tests and Inspections
  • Non Conformance Management
  • Corrective & Preventative Actions Management
  • Recall Management
  • Audit Management
  • New Product Development
  • Robust reporting and alerts

Contact us if you’re looking for a Quality Management system that works within your ERP software.

Considering an upgrade for your company’s ERP software?

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