EBizCharge — Best Integrated Credit Card Processing Software

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If you currently, or plan to, accept credit card payments from your customers, make sure the process is as seamless as possible. This means using a credit card processor that integrates with your ERP/Accounting software.

Leading credit card processors, such as EBizCharge, fully integrate with the order entry module of your software. This eliminates the need to process credit card payments outside of your software and then go through the extra steps of having to manually enter those payments back into your software and then apply them to the proper invoices. Integration will eliminate the time needed for these extra steps and will eliminate the chance for human error when those payments are entered back into your software system.

Here’s how it works. Once you enter a sales order for a credit card customer, EBizCharge will launch on your screen and give you the option of selecting a credit card used on one of the customer’s previous orders, or the customer can give you a new card number. EBizCharge will then do a pre-authorization, to verify that the credit card is valid and that funds are available.

Once you ship the order and are ready to bill the customer, the EBizCharge Credit Card Processing screen automatically launches to finalize the credit card sale. You receive an on-screen approval message that the card has been processed, and the customer automatically receives an e-mail receipt of their transaction. The credit card payment will automatically be created in your software system and applied to the appropriate invoice. No more double data entry. No more keying errors.

EBizCharge also offers:

  • Full PCI Compliance using the latest encryption and tokenization technology for maximum data security
  • Offsite data storage which eliminates your liability in the event of a data breach
  • Unlimited transactions/batch history for reporting purposes
  • Mobile app available for iOS and Android devices

EBizCharge, by Century Business Solutions, is fully integrated with SAP Business One, Macola, Sage, QuickBooks, Accumatica and many other ERP software systems and eCommerce shopping carts.

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