EBiz for Macola Credit Card Integration

ERP Platform

Seen as a necessary evil of doing business, most businesses that collect payments via credit cards are either constantly competing for better processing rates or have given up ensuring that clients get the best processing rates entirely. PCI compliance opens you to the risks of customer security and violations can incur large fines or loss of ability to accept credit card payments. You need a secure and smarter way to do business and we have made one that is special.

EBiz Merchant Services from Century Business Solutions (CBS) is very different than your typical service. As a technology-based merchant services provider, they have partnered with software experts such as Attivo Group to create efficient integrations that make working with Macola and credit cards fast, easy and secure. With costs minimized to the lowest interchange level possible.

Fully PCI compliant, customer credit card data is stored in a highly secure cloud, rather than on your internal servers, meaning you can recall customer data as needed while staying fully compliant. No more storing encrypted credit card numbers on a local server!

CBS was counted in the Top 25 Processors in America in 2017, and provides integration not only to Macola, but also for most other accounting systems such as QuickBooks, SAP, Dynamics, etc. There is no charge to apply, and CBS provides a cost comparison between your existing merchant account and their proposed costs based on samples of your monthly statements. They make it easy, and there is no contract.

For Macola users, you can process credit card payments in: Order Entry, Order Billing, Credit Memos and Outstanding Accounts Receivable. Not only saving money on your credit card processing rates, but the integration with your Macola software eliminates double entry and human error, saving you even more money. Your data is always correct and secure. Low cost, security, efficiency, streamlined accounting, and PCI Compliance with no contract- that is why our EBiz solutions are the best!

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