Cloud Hosted ERP: It Makes More Sense Now than Ever

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Cloud Hosted ERP: It Makes More Sense Now than Ever

At this point, the idea of the cloud isn’t new. Most of us are using it every single day in our personal lives, and more and more businesses are shifting their vital applications into the cloud as well. There might be some mid to small sized business who think that the cloud might be just for large companies. But nothing could be farther from the truth. The fact is, that there has never been a better time for cloud hosted ERP.

Costs are Dropping

Solid State Storage (SSS) is the next generation of data transfer. But until recently, the costs made it difficult for mid-sized companies to take advantage of the technology. But recently the cost of SSS has been dropping, and the industry has reached a tipping point where benefits are now significantly outweighing the costs. What sets SSS apart from magnetic and tape drives is that it transfers data electronically. That means it can transfer data faster. Plus, because there are no moving parts in an electronic transfer, SSS operates more efficiently and doesn’t run hot like traditional servers. Data centers can pass that savings onto their customers, making SSS much more affordable.

You Can Shift the Focus of Your IT Department

Moving your ERP into the cloud comes with a lot of benefits to your on-premise infrastructure. First and foremost, it means that you no longer have to invest in constantly upgrading your servers and the hardware needed to keep them running at peak efficiency. It also means that your IT team no longer has to be a break/fix unit. Instead of spending all of their time administering to firewalls and keeping server infrastructure up and running, they can focus on revenue generating activities. All maintenance requirements are shifted to your cloud hosting partner, dramatically reducing costs and opening up new revenue stream opportunities.

Less Productivity Loss

One aspect of cloud hosted ERP that a lot of companies don’t think about is employee productivity.When your systems go down, every hour is lost revenue. You cloud hosting provider is equipped with an entire team of experts whose sole responsibility is to keep your systems up and running.And even if those systems do go down, any reputable cloud hosting provider has redundant backup systems that can all by eliminate any down time,keeping your team’s productivity at peak levels.

Multi-Site Integration

ERP was designed to unify multiple departments under one software system. But if you have multiple locations they still operate under disparate ERP systems. Cloud hosted ERP solves this issue. Because your software is hosted in a data center, multiple locations can access the same system. This means that inventory and production can be tracked in one system across multiple locations allowing for better decision making and higher productivity, leading to more efficient production and delivery, which ultimately means increased profitability.

There are so many reasons why cloud hosted ERP is the right choice for manufacturers and distribution companies. In our next blog we will discuss how many security concerns of SMBs can be solved by cloud hosting.For more information on whether or not cloud hosting is the right solution for your business you can call The Attivo Group at 877-428-8486 or contact us here.