Lean and Mean Warehouse Management

Organizations that have embraced Lean have found it possible to achieve impressive improvements through the reduction of non-value-added steps and elimination of waste everywhere they apply the methodologies. This is especially true when Lean Warehouse Management practices are instituted. The payoff in greater efficiencies, improved safety, and higher productivity are immediate and long lasting. You […]

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Electronic Banking Built for the Way You Do Business

Customers appreciate being offered quick and easy payment options. During the buying decision phase, it can make the difference between a transaction or a lost sale. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes for a minute and ask yourself – are you providing prospects (or equally important, repeat customers) with simple-to-understand and instantaneous payment choices? If […]

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ERP enterprise resource planning software

What is the Role of ERP in Solving Supply Chain Challenges?

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software has many benefits for supply chain management. An ERP system eliminates the need for error-prone manual spreadsheets and islands of automation by streamlining accounting, sales, HR, inventory, supply chain, and customer management processes, among others. Distributors and manufacturers who use ERP solutions, like Attivo All-in-One, benefit from having all their data in a […]

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Enterprise resource management

6 Tips for Ultimate Customer Convenience & Ultimate PCI Security

Retaining current customers is as important as finding new ones. One thing that can help you do both is to offer them the most secure and convenient way to pay an invoice. EBizCharge Connect, by Century Business Solutions, provides 24/7 access and the ultimate in PCI security. Your customers log in online to pay their […]

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