Southwind Foods

Southwind Foods offers a diverse line of responsibly harvested seafood from around the world. They come from a long line of commercial fishermen in both Sicily and the US and have been processing and distributing a high volume of product ever since.  They needed a more advanced software solution for their inventory to keep up with their competitors. Attivo was able to benefit them with a custom-tailored system that has given them the tools they needed to grow.

Southwind Foods realized challenges in their process management that put their highly perishable inventory at risk and limited their potential to maximize new frozen storage facilities. They approached Attivo for assistance in finding a business management solution that would meet all of their needs. They needed a software solution to integrate and streamline their critical processes and day-to-day operations.

Attivo designed and implemented a customized warehouse management system to handle the specific requirements of Southwind Foods. Attivo partnered them with strategic teams to assist with wireless infrastructure, and scanner technology designed to function for their specific needs.

“This custom-tailored system is now the backbone of our company’s operations. It is extremely efficient and accurate, and we rely on it to support the high volume of product that we handle every day.” – Don Sutherland, then CFO of Southwind Foods.

The number of clerical personnel in the order fulfillment area was reduced by 50% and their job responsibilities transitioned to ensuring accuracy rather than time consuming data input. Billing errors diminished, customer credit memos reduced by 90%, inventory discrepancies largely disappeared. Southwind Foods reported that annual savings could exceed $150,000 or more.

“We’re very pleased to have completed this important initiative, and it was a pleasure working with Attivo on this well-managed project.” said Sam Galetti, President of Southwind Foods.

Enterprise resource management
Enterprise resource management