ERP System Training for SAP, Macola, and Acumatica!

ERP system implementation

 Attivo Academy is an online learning system designed to train users on how to quickly maximize the potential of their new ERP systems. By providing focused, role-based training for your users, it will speed up the internal adoption process and ensure that new users gain a full and complete understanding of how to do their jobs with the new software. While this training is perfect for implementing your new system or onboarding new users, it can also be used as a great resource for existing users to brush up on their skills and further their understanding of ERP capabilities.  

It equips users with the information they need via hundreds of specialized training lessons including videos and step-by-step guides for SAP Business One, Macola, and add-on solutions. Many of these comprehensive lessons also include practice exercises, quizzes, and certificates upon completion. Attivo Academy includes lessons on critical business processes within the Purchase to Pay process, Order to Cash process, Inventory, CRM, and much more 

Who will benefit from using Attivo Academy?  

Anyone and everyone that uses SAP Business One, Macola, or other add-on solutions for small businesses will find beneficial information within Attivo Academy. If you are adding users to your team, they will have access to immediate training and onboarded much more quickly. Attivo Academy will help to speed up the internal adoption process, and if users ever need a refresh, they can access all the information at their convenience.  

What comes with my full-service subscription?  

The learning is never-ending with videos, step-by-step guides, quizzes, and tests. Users will have 24/7 access to modules to reference whenever they need to brush up on SAP Business One, Macola, or add-on solutions. Attivo Academy can be the first line of support for users when they need assistance. Having the ability to access information at your fingertips will increase work efficiency. Users won’t need to spend time in meetings for training because they will have a complete library of training available in Attivo Academy.  

Why Use Attivo Academy for SAP Business One? 

Attivo Academy allows you to cross-train your team on SAP Business One and prepare them for multiple roles. Training will become very efficient whether you are preparing newly-on boarded employees or have current employees that want to improve their skills. With Attivo Academy, you can enjoy 24/7 access to SAP Business One experts via desktop, smartphone, or tablet.  With active subscription to Attivo Academy, users also have access to scheduled live training sessions with one of our Senior Consultants for Q & A.

Why Use Attivo Academy for Macola? 

Attivo Academy will give your employees a clear understanding of their proficiency in Macola and allow you to implement new Macola functions to help achieve your business goals. Users will be provided beneficial refresher training courses and have easy access to expert support via scheduled live question and answer sessions. With Attivo Academy, your growing business will gain more training resources for Macola, but training costs will be minimized. 

How do I ensure users are ready to use our ERP System?  

In addition to the videos and training guides, users will have exercises to perform in your test or “sandbox” database. The exercises serve as a simulation for the user to explore the software before they move into their company’s live environment. After users complete a lesson, they will be given a quiz to evaluate their knowledge throughout the course. At the end of each module, a larger test will be given, and users get the opportunity to earn a badge of completion. Users have many opportunities to learn, explore, and then test their knowledge before they start using their company’s ERP systems.  

How much will Attivo Academy Cost?  

Attivo Academy is an all-in-one package, so you will never be blindsided with hidden costs for add-on features. If you want to take advantage of the modules offered, you’ll enroll based on the number of users you’d like to have access to these tools. Taking advantage of Attivo Academy is affordable, and it will minimize the cost of training and support for your growing business. As you continue your monthly subscription, we will continue to update the content provided in Attivo Academy and notify you of new lessons when they become available. The learning experience will vary, but the price never will.  

Sign up today if you want your users to improve their knowledge of SAP Business One, Macola, Attivo All-in-One, or other solutions.  To learn more about how Attivo All-in-One can help provide your company with solutions that are custom-fit to your needs, contact us.