Affordable (and Excellent) Options For Collecting Shop Floor Data

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Shop Floor data collection is critical to accomplish two critical objectives: Cost Control and Inventory Control…pretty important things for a manufacturer. Why trust this to hand written records, with a delay in entry to the system?

Using Macola, Shop Floor activity is recorded using Activity Transaction processing. This is meant to be done by someone after the data has been collected somehow…typically manually. It is keyed in as “John Doe spent 6.5 hours working on order 1234, operation 10”. This is not a data collection function, but rather a data entry process.

Implementing data collection on the shop floor provides a number of benefits, including:

    1. Real time visibility of shop progress – eliminates all reporting lag time
    2. Enforces accountability of personnel to record their time
    3. Reduces mistakes in recording, as the system validates data in real time
    4. Eliminates a data entry task

Lynq for Macola Shop Floor Workforce Manager

Enter Workforce Manager, developed by Lynq specifically for Macola. Workforce Manager is part of the Smart Manager suite, which is made up of Planning Manager, Workforce Manager and Factory Manager, although it can be implemented separately. At a price of $10,000 plus 20% maintenance for as many data collection stations that you need, it is highly configurable for clock-on and clock-off operations, as well as capturing quality management data along the way. With the addition of the WiSys Shop Floor SDK object, you can also record material issues and shop order completions.

WiSys for Shop Floor Reporting

WiSys Shop Floor Work Center Reporting is now extremely cost effective with their new named-user pricing. For $2,300 plus 20% annual maintenance per data collection station, you can have complete clock on and off control for employees, as well as issues of materials or recording of completions. It can be deployed as a touch screen, or a regular PC with an attached USB scanner to assist in the clock on/off operations. The truth is that you get everything WiSys has to offer for this one “price per device”, so this is a great opportunity to get started with both bar coding and Shop Floor Data collection.