6 Must-Haves to Simplify Online Payment Processing

Customer relationship management for small businesses

Many small to medium-sized businesses suffer from inefficiencies in their business processes that slow productivity. After you’ve made a sale for your business, the last thing you should be doing is wasting valuable time with inefficient payment processing. Making a mistake at this stage in a transaction can look messy, cause frustration, and lead to the loss of customers. Businesses need a simple solution designed to reduce payment processing costs, increase operational efficiency, and save valuable time, all while protecting company and customer data. 
Learn about the six must-have elements for businesses to simplify and improve payment processing:

1. Convenient Payment Acceptance

Securely approving and accepting payments can take up significant time for small business owners, making convenience and accessibility crucial. Businesses should be able to accept credit, debit, and ACH payments easily from anywhere in the world, without compromising the security of customer credit card information or breaking PCI compliance.

2. Easy Integration

While it may be easy to find a convenient method of payment processing, it can be very difficult to find a system that integrates seamlessly into the rest of your digital infrastructure. Payment processing should not only integrate into your current ERP or accounting system, but also integrate with online shopping carts, point-of-sale systems, and mobile devices to ensure complete accessibility. 

3. Encryption and Tokenization

One of the most important elements in a payment processing system is air-tight security, which protects sensitive customer and company information. A single data breach could cause the loss of a customer’s trust for life and hurt your company’s reputation. Businesses need a reliable payment processing system with a high level of security for storing data on PCI compliant servers and ensuring maximum transaction security through the latest tokenization and encryption technology.

4. Simple-To-Use Interface

One of the biggest factors holding business owners back from adopting new systems into their digital infrastructure is the fear of complex interfaces and slow internal adoption rates within their teams. Business owners need a payment processing system that launches fast, quickly integrates with their current systems, and most importantly, has a simple, user-friendly interface capable of making quick, easy, and secure transactions. 

5. Reduced Processing Costs

While many businesses hold the misconception that these systems are expensive without providing adequate value, a good payment processing system will actually result in significant cost savings. Through maximizing interchange discounts, systems can certify cards are qualifying at the lowest possible rates, guaranteeing continual cost savings. Additionally, a good payment processing system will increase processing discounts on a variety of credit card payments, further reducing merchant costs and making the integration of the system invaluable. 

6. Excellent Reporting Features

Finally, payment processing systems need to have full transparency through robust reporting capabilities and unlimited access to transactional histories. Paired with customizable reports for complex search criteria, business owners are guaranteed to quickly and easily obtain the crucial information they need to make informed decisions moving forward.
Ultimately, it can be difficult to find a system that incorporates all of these elements while seamlessly integrating with the rest of your digital infrastructure. With these six must-have elements in mind, the team at Attivo has designed Attivo All-in-One, an integrated software solution built to streamline business processes while promoting secure payment processing through EBizCharge. Learn more about the ultimate solution to business process management, Attivo All-in-One: Contact us for more info.