5 Ways Your Current Business Management Software Is Failing You

business management software

Managing a business is difficult, especially if your software isn’t working as hard and as efficiently as you are. Implementing an ERP software system is supposed to help your team streamline operations and provide precise data. However, many popular programs, such as QuickBooks, lack the capabilities and flexibility your team needs for the real-time financial, accounting, reporting, and business management information you need to make accurate decisions. 


Here are five ways your current business management software is failing you in 2021.


1. Improper Reporting

Your company needs accurate data to ensure you’re making the right decisions. If reporting is a daunting task for your team and requires multiple hours and team members working on compiling islands of automation, you’re wasting valuable resources. Business management software should have capabilities that allow for quick and easy yet in-depth analysis of your operations. If you’re only provided with a surface-level understanding muddied with human error and manual reporting, your forecasting will not be accurate. When you’re forced to create a further analysis on your own, it takes up time that would be better allocated to revenue-generating activities.

2. Lack of User-Friendly and Intuitive Features 

If you only have a few members of your team who understand the intricacies of your business management software, your business will suffer many consequences. You have to think about the long-term effects of implementing a system and then only training one or two members of your team, especially if the software does not come with support like Attivo All-in-One. Attivo’s business management software is easy to use, and it offers your team the training and tools they need to navigate through their ERP system with ease. With software tailored to your needs, your team’s workflow will be simplified, and they will complete tasks in a timely manner. 

3. Uncertain Fulfillment Capabilities

The best business management software systems provide you with the data you need to ensure your customers are taken care of. If your software doesn’t keep you up to speed with complete visibility and traceability of inventory in real-time, it’s possible you cannot fulfill orders that are submitted. The relationship that you have with your customers is important for the success of your company, so accurate data is vital.

4. Obsolete Technology

Operating on an older system means you probably aren’t taking advantage of the new technology that would improve your business operations. Newer software can offer increased security and the ability to back up your data online so that you never have to worry about losing important information. Using older business management software may result in fewer opportunities to adjust the way you receive reports. Every company is different and therefore has different needs. If you aren’t able to customize your software to fit your needs, acquiring the data you find the most important will be a frustrating task.

5. Lack of Support

The cost of your business management software support should never unexpectedly increase, and the training should be never-ending. Everyone on your staff should have the ability to find the resources they need to complete tasks within the business management software. If your team does not have access to training within your software, managers will be forced to take more time out of their day to teach individuals how to navigate within the software. Internal one-on-one training is beneficial for users, but it takes others away from their daily tasks and isn’t the most effective. Providing users with materials to reference whenever they need to brush up on how to use the software will make them feel supported and give them the confidence to complete tasks. 

Your team should never have to sacrifice the time and money to perform business operations that your business management system should be providing. Upgrading your software is quite effortless, and you’ll save time, money, and create better work conditions for your team.

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