ERP system implementation

5 Challenges Medical and Dental Distributors Face and How ERP Software Can Help. Distribution within the medical and dental industries poses its own unique set of challenges. Distribution processes require extreme attention to detail, quality control, and traceability to get the job done right and remain compliant. Staying organized and on top of all these moving parts is nearly impossible to do without an effective ERP system. 

Here are five distribution challenges of the dental and medical industries that can be directly addressed by the right ERP system: 

Efficient Order Processing

Efficient order processing is a must. Whether it’s a tool for the operating table or a crucial medical device that needs to arrive as soon as possible, doctors and dentists rely on the supply chain to help them take care of their patients. Order processing directly affects the length of time between cart and delivery. ERP systems integrate your sales, finance, inventory, and production departments so that they cooperate as efficiently as possible.

Vendor Management and 3rd Party Logistics

A critical part of getting the medical and dental tools and supplies that clients need is what level of service your vendors are capable of providing, and how fast you’ll be able to respond to customer orders. ERP software ensures that you have the most up-to-date data on important information like purchase agreements and lead times for each of your suppliers. ERP systems provide a seamless flow of information as you outsource elements of your distribution, warehousing, and fulfillment services, especially when  using 3rd party logistics providers for all or part of your business.

Inventory Control

Knowing the exact quantity of stored products, incoming materials, and outgoing deliveries is the heart and soul of supply chain management. If you’re relying on antiquated means of tracking the quantity and the free flow of goods from your distribution center, a disaster is waiting to happen. Manual forms of inventory control simply leave your organization’s success up to error that can easily be avoided using one of Attivo’s ERP solutions. As an example, the SAP Business One suite, along with powerful warehouse management solutions gives you unparalleled control of inventory movements in real-time so that you’ll never have to worry about inventory accuracy affecting customer service ever again. 

Accurate Lead Times

Buyers demand accuracy and they want to know exactly when their products will arrive. With industries as time-sensitive as medical and dental equipment and supplies, lead times need to be as certain as possible. Once an item is ordered, it is the distributor’s responsibility to track each step of the item’s journey as it travels from the supplier and arrives in the hands of the consumer. Integrated ERP software gives you the ability to do just that, using advance forecasting and analytics in conjunction with the most accurate lead times possible to optimize inventory levels and customer service.

Non-integrated eCommerce

Integrating your eCommerce site with back-end order entry, accounting and inventory reduces the risk of major delays in order fulfillment. In today’s economy, speed and accuracy can make or break your relationship with a customer. From the time constraints of manual entry to the customer service headaches associated with inaccurate inventory reports, a non-integrated eCommerce site has the potential to be a logistical nightmare. Attivo’s tailored ERP solutions including tightly integrated eCommerce can help you optimize your fulfillment and shipping capabilities so that all of your processes work perfectly in sync with each other.  Your customers will thank you for a well-designed and integrated eCommerce system!

As a medical and dental supplies distributor, efficient order processing, vendor management, and inventory control are key. Learn how implementing an ERP software system is the all-encompassing solution your business needs. Give us a call today and schedule a complimentary analysis at 877-428-8486 or contact us online.