4 Reasons QuickBooks is the Wrong Software Tool For Your Business

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There’s no doubt that QuickBooks is a well-known and feature-rich accounting software solution, but that doesn’t make it the right solution for all businesses. While accountants seem to have few issues with QuickBooks, business owners are frustrated. If you try searching “QuickBooks” on any major social media platform, the results are telling; you’ll find both fed-up customer tweets and consultants offering their services to help businesses use QuickBooks.

What does this mean? There are enough users struggling with QuickBooks that independent QuickBooks consulting is a fruitful business to be in. All the negativity around this software raises the question, “Why do so many small business owners regret choosing QuickBooks?”

QuickBooks is Difficult to Use.

Quickbooks has many features, and therefore it’s an unintuitive and lengthy process to get from point A to point B when you’re trying to navigate the program. Multiple clicks, dropdowns, steps, and forms are often required for you to complete simple actions, and there’s no easy way to complete your most-used actions. There are few keyboard shortcuts, and if you think it looks like the right button to click, you’re probably wrong!

While a large number of features may seem like a positive aspect of QuickBooks, if your business only requires a handful of them, you have no choice but to sift through the entire library of features that come with Quickbooks to find what you need. You can’t turn off unnecessary features or create a custom dashboard to make it easier on yourself and your staff, and this can cost you significant time and effort.

You Feel Nickel and Dimed.

Quickbooks is not an all-inclusive software solution. Not only does it have various pricing tiers, but it has a multitude of add-on services, upgrades, and extensions on top of your regular fees. While each pricing tier includes a robust set of features, they are not flexible or configured to your business, so you may be forced to pay for features you don’t need in order to get those you do need.

There’s Little Customer Support.

Unless you’re actively making a purchase or paying extra for a support plan, customer service and access to support are poor. While anyone can use QuickBooks, it was really designed for accountants. For small business owners, this means when the product was designed, it was assumed that what’s intuitive for an accountant will be easily understandable for everyone; more often than not, this is not the case.

There’s a Steep Learning Curve.

You can’t use QuickBooks right out of the gate. Not only does it assume you understand the underlying accounting, but you will also need to learn their unique terminology and complex navigational system. Couple this with a lack of adequate training and support, and it will take a significant amount of time and energy for you to familiarize yourself with the program and get the most out of it.

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