ERP Platform

Choosing an ERP partner isn’t a cut-and-paste decision. Business leaders must do their research to make sure the software and partner are the right decision for their organization. Moving over from a legacy platform or adding a new ERP solution takes a lot of trust. Almost every aspect of the business will be impacted by your ERP partner choice, and it’s imperative you know how to ask the right questions as you vet each potential vendor. 
Here are four to get you started:

How does the solution streamline operations?

When looking for an ERP solution, first and foremost, you need to ask the potential partner how it will benefit your business. Every industry is different and has unique needs. Finding a solution that can add value through creating a more efficient workflow requires specialized attention, catered to solve the problems that pertain to your organization. 
With Attivo’s SAP Business One software, we’re able to make drastic improvements to operations for many different business models. From discrete manufacturing to eCommerce and mobile business, our ERP solutions have helped find unique ways to address business challenges in a variety of areas. 

How can we integrate our systems into this software?

Along with the operational challenges that your business faces, is the potential disruption of the systems that are already in place. Technologies that may or may not be capable of integrating with ERP software right off the bat. Just as important as the ERP solution itself is its compatibility with your existing systems. 
When looking for an ERP partner, ask them about how they plan to integrate your company’s existing systems into one software solution. Their ability to answer this question should deeply influence your purchase decision. Attivo brings years of industry experience to the table, reassuring clients that even if they are new to the ERP revolution, their needs will be well met with the SAP Business One suite. 

What level of assistance will you provide?

Contrary to popular belief, installing an ERP system isn’t just a transactional affair. There are a lot of moving parts that must work in unison if you want the integration to be a success. That means you’ll also need a partner who provides assistance at a moment’s notice and can help with any issues should they arise. 
Attivo’s Standard Support is much more than “Break-Fix.” Unlike other plans, we gladly provide perks like custom report writing, how-to guiding, and complete system documentation. With SAP Business One, you’re in great hands.

Do you provide training for our employees?

What’s the point in upgrading to an ERP solution if your employees don’t know how to use it, right? Being able to unlock its full potential requires an intimate understanding of the program and how it brings together all of your systems. This level of mastery demands much more than a user manual – it only comes from thorough training. 
Here at Attivo, we believe in giving our clients the tools they need to succeed. That means providing the crucial training opportunities businesses want in order to feel confident that they can manage our software on their own. We’re with them every step of the way, and even have a built-in customer portal to help troubleshoot any questions they may have. 

You want an ERP Partner you can trust and who will guide you through the implementation journey every step of the way. At Attivo, we’ve spent years developing tools to help ensure your success and provide full support during the ERP implementation process. Learn how the Attivo Group can help effectively implement this cutting-edge solution into your business. Give us a call today and schedule a complimentary analysis at 877-428-8486 or contact us online.