Business management software

Software systems such as QuickBooks can make for an excellent resource for small businesses in need of a simple and user-friendly digital accounting system. Unfortunately, as your business grows, QuickBooks’ capabilities do not scale up accordingly, often creating frustration and inefficiencies in your workflow. In order to understand the optimal solution for streamlining your business processes, it’s important to first look at some of the most pressing factors. 

Cost Controls 

Having an in-depth understanding of your business costs is nearly impossible without the right systems in place. Automated workflow systems are a great solution for highlighting areas for improvement and eliminating inefficiencies to give you maximum control over the costs associated with your business. 
These integrated systems can improve control over inventory, streamline the purchasing and payment process, automate critical data capture, and more. Additionally, these automated systems reduce administrative overhead by eliminating double entries and reducing overall errors and time wasted troubleshooting, all while maintaining an organized and accessible record of events. 


In order to make decisions efficiently with a high level of certainty, it’s crucial to recognize real-time data visibility and accessibility within your business. Automated systems can identify trends in real-time so that you can make proactive decisions that will guide your business to success. Transactions are completed in real-time using an automated system, where data can be accessed for the next action immediately.  Imagine a quality management system monitoring a process that sends a text to quality management when an inspection test is failed…allowing immediate action and disposition advice to take place! 

Customer Service & Quality Management 

Ensuring the happiness of your customer base may seem simple when your business first starts out, but as you continue to scale up, it can be tough to manage so many customers with the same level of attention and care. In these cases, customer relationship management (CRM) software can be the difference between retaining or losing these valued customers. 
Through a fully integrated CRM system, businesses can keep detailed records of each customer through their entire sales journey and beyond. Additionally, CRM software sends automatic alerts when customers haven’t bought in a while, making it easier than ever to nurture past relationships. Finally, CRM software accurately links all elements of your business, leading to reduced lead times and accurate delivery dates. 

Business Value 

While business owners are often very passionate about staying involved with their beloved companies, after significant growth, eventually there comes an opportunity for other ventures or retirement. When this time comes, owners are left struggling to convey the immeasurable value of their businesses to potential buyers. Having well-established and fully integrated business management systems can significantly raise the value of your business by giving buyers important insights into the business and making for a seamless transition. 

Looking for a Scalable Business Management Solution? 

Beyond QuickBooks, business management software options seem many and varied. However, very few incorporate all the crucial elements at a scalable level and an affordable cost. Whether you’ve already outgrown your current system or you’re planning to create the opportunity for growth, Attivo All-in-One offers a fully integrated business management solution that will flourish alongside your business. 
Attivo All-in-One is tailored to your specific needs and comes as an affordable, fixed monthly subscription with no hidden fees. With unlimited support, leading-edge security, and personalized online learning systems at no additional cost, Attivo All-in-One can be fully functional in a matter of weeks with a specially designed, automated implementation process. Learn more about the business management solution created by small business experts: CLICK HERE
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