3 Types of Trade Show Attendees to Avoid

Exact Macola’s Evolve show kicks off this week. This will be the 3rd annual show, and each one has gotten bigger and better. It was two years ago that Exact Macola 10 was unveiled, and we’re pretty excited to see what this show will bring. Aside from the announcements though, it is important to be able to recognize the different types of trade show attendees. That’s what this blog is all about.

The Swag Grabber

Most people who purchase a booth at a trade show bring along some trinkets and giveaways in order to attract people to their booth. More booth traffic leads to more conversations, which hopefully will lead to new business. But be careful. Some people are just there for the free swag. You can easily identify these people. They likely have a carryall or handbag with them at all time, and it’s overflowing with pens, drink cozies, cheap sunglasses and laser pointer key chains. They will politely listen to your pitch – typically with a glazed over look in their eye. You might get their business card, but you will never actually be able to get that person on the phone again if you try following up after the show.

The Foodie

A close cousin of the Swag Grabber is The Foodie. If you have any sort of food attraction at your booth (popcorn machine, chocolate covered strawberries, candy) these people will gravitate to you. Even if they are allergic to whatever it is you are offering, they are going to take something. These people are a little more difficult to identify, as they likely aren’t carrying treats from one booth to the next like its Halloween. Again, look for the glazed over look in their eye when you are talking to them. That is a telltale sign that they have no interest in anything other than the free food you are providing them.

I’m Just Here for the Open Bar

Trade shows can be a great place to network and drum up new business. They can also be a lot of fun. For some, the fun begins and ends at the open bar. These folks are easy to spot. They are rarely ever seen without a drink in their hand and they laugh at everything…loudly. Also, if you do actually engage them in conversation, they will be extremely interested in anything you have to say. They also most likely won’t fully grasp anything you’re saying, and they’ll ask a lot of questions. Typically, a lot of the same questions.

Trade shows are a great way to expand your brand awareness and meet potential new clients. If you can master the art of identifying these three types of trade show attendees, you can find great success at your next show.