3 ERP Implementation Questions to Ask Before Launch

ERP system implementation

If you are a business owner, you’re likely looking to further grow your company. This begins with an ERP (enterprise resource planning) software you can trust that will successfully allow you and your team to meet needs both now and in the future. Attivo All-in-One, powered by SAP Business One improves operations, increases efficiencies and inventory turns, reduces manufacturing lead-time and streamlines customer service. Our comprehensive and affordable ERP system is highly configurable and will be a custom fit for your business.

There are a few things to keep in mind when you consider implementing ERP software:

Who Will Implement the System and How Long Will It Take?

Our experts are here to accommodate your schedule and will efficiently tend to your needs through the implementation process. Unlike other ERP providers, we do not outsource work at any step of the way. Our highly automated implementation process and Attivo Academy learning platform makes the solution very easy to implement. Within a few short weeks, Attivo will identify costly business process issues that Attivo All-in-One can resolve, present our assessment, and help you determine the optimal process changes and automation options to improve efficiencies and profits.  From there it is only weeks, not months, to transition to your new system.

What is the Size of the Project?  How much effort is required?

Attivo utilizes the 5-Step Accelerated Implementation Program (AIP). The process assessment and blueprinting processes are the most important aspects of a successful project and give you a complete roadmap for your ERP project.  However, defining attainable goals and expectations for various milestones, such as the “go-live” milestone is critical to managing the change for your company.  It is highly recommended to outline subsequent phases in your overall project.  This gives your team time to assimilate the new technology and be in a much better position to implement the more complicated tools in the new system.

Understanding and agreeing upon an achievable scope for each phase makes this project much easier overall and provides the best result.  We complete this large-scale project in a timely manner as our team is hands-on with prioritizing you and your transition.

How Much Will the Project Cost?

Our trusted experts stand by our pledge of bringing the perfect ERP system for your business into fruition. Not only will Attivo provide you with a fixed price, but we stick to it! In comparison to other ERP implementation companies, we take pride in our customer loyalty and forming lasting relationships you will benefit from. We do not work on a time and materials basis, which can easily continue to escalate for a myriad of reasons.  There is a fixed price for a given scope of implementation – avoiding any chance of cost overruns.

Upgrade to Attivo’s All-in-One with Ease

Attivo All-in-One is the best business management software solution for small manufacturers, wholesale distributors and service companies that have been crippled by islands of automation that slow their scalability and profit potential year after year. Because of its intuitive design, Attivo All-in-One can be easily implemented and quickly adopted by your team with the help of our state-of-the-art auto implementation process and the Attivo Academy online learning system. Click here to learn why Attivo All-in-One is the right ERP solution for you.