2021 is the End of Non-Digital Business- Here’s Why and How to Adapt

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When it comes to conducting business digitally, that which was once optional is now mandatory. In 2020, over 30 million small business owners faced the challenge of adapting to the digital landscape nearly overnight, and those that failed are likely struggling to stay in business. 


Embracing technology as a permanent part of your business strategy is no longer forward-thinking but compulsory. The global pandemic highlighted the feasible coexistence of both convenience and quality for consumers, from app-based grocery shopping to telemedicine, telecommuting, and online education. Because the tools and digital infrastructure are more available and user-friendly than ever, businesses in every industry can- and should- build digital into their normal business operations.  


Aside from industry operations themselves, arming your business with the tools to offer telecommuting to your employees is more critical than ever.  It is no mystery why companies like Google and Twitter have instituted permanent work from home policies after successfully adapting during the pandemic. First, overhead costs dramatically decrease with telecommuting. Studies have estimated that if a company allows an employee to work from home even just half of the time, it will save approximately $11,000 per employee. Collectively, employers offering even part-time telecommuting flexibility save $44 billion each year.  


Second, telecommuting has a massive effect on employee retention, happiness, and productivity. The number of employers offering work from home options has grown by 40% in the last 5 years; if your company has failed to evolve with the times, you run an increased risk of poor employee retention as the best and brightest seek the flexibility of work from home options. When great employees leave, morale suffers and productivity sinks as colleagues shift to temporarily cover responsibilities and spend time on recruitment, onboarding, and training. In addition, two-thirds of managers who offer telecommuting flexibility report that employees who work from home are overall more productive. 


So how can you adapt your operations and overhead to a digital infrastructure? Here are 2 essential tools to successfully adapt your business to the digital world.  

Cloud Hosting 

 Simplified, cloud hosting means your software and data are stored in a secure data center that can be quickly and easily accessed by your business from any location in the world with an internet connection. Cloud hosting can be used for operations like running or developing software systems, storing data, managing eCommerce, or enabling remote-accessible desktop work environments. Cloud hosting provides optimal performance for businesses with complete end-to-end visibility, and there is no delay or notable difference in accessibility rates between cloud access and your on-premises system. Among its many other benefits, cloud hosting is secure, cost-effective, and has a high ROI! 

A Comprehensive ERP 

 ERP, or Enterprise Resource Planning software, refers to software solutions that help businesses manage day-to-day operations like accounting, project management, compliance, supply chain, and more. ERP systems include a myriad of business processes to eliminate islands of automation and time wasted on manual spreadsheets that are both time consuming and prone to human error. Beyond ERP alone, a comprehensive ERP software solution can be personalized to your business’s needs to include a CRM, integrated payment processing, eCommerce capabilities, and more. 

Is your manufacturing, distribution, or service industry business looking for the most secure, reliable, and comprehensive technology tools to help you go digital?  

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